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Want to get forward with your life? Book an intake session! Then you decide if you want to continue, no strings attached. Usually, you will get a lot of clarity and a sound plan of action within five coaching sessions, depending on your needs. I’m commited to coach you effectively and oriented towards lasting solutions.


We will work inside, in a private practice in my house, and sometimes outside of my home, in nature, as my house is close to a beautiful park near the city of Amsterdam’s western border.


In case you need to cancel your appointment, you need to do so a minimum of 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged for one coaching session.  Rates for employers or companies who wish to coach their employees are 100 €, VAT excluded, for a 90 minutes session. If you find your employee is dealing with a lot of stress, may be a perfectionist, has little energy or motivation and/or problems at home and at work, feel free to drop me a line!

Did you know that…
You may ask your employer to help you finance your coaching sessions? Life coaching is many times accepted as a means for personal growth. Ask your employer, the HR department or an occupational health physician in your company about the conditions.

Do you work as an independant business owner? You can get a tax reduction when you declare coaching sessions as business expenses. Ask your bookkeeper for more information.

Intake session

expert life coaching

€ 75

VAT included

60 minutes

Package of 

5 coaching sessions

€ 415

VAT included

90 minutes

One single session

expat life coaching

€ 85

VAT included

90 minutes

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