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Living in another country can bring a lot of confusion and forces us to behave as we believe is expected from us. I was not happy with my work but I did not know what I can do next, or should I change anything at all. And that was not the only question I had. I met Annette because I needed to find some clarity for my career.

I loved our conversations. Annette took a holistic approach to really understand my deeper life context and broader perspective of what is really important for me. She helped me to clarify what my core values are and what really brings me energy at work. Her very good questions allowed me to think beyond my regular patterns and see what my dream job could look like. 
And the work did not stop there, she to helped me to put my thoughts into doable actions and define the steps needed to get where I want. I am not there yet but now I have a map how to go there!

Annette speaks fluently English, she understands what challenges expats might have living abroad and she has an amazing ability to make you feel very comfortable to open up and be vulnerable."


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