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I am expat fair

Hi there, Saturday November 9 2019 is the IamExpat Fair in de Grote Kerk inThe Hague! If you can’t make it to the fair, not to worry, there is another one coming up on April 4 in the Gashouder Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Admission is free. There will be 80 companies sponsoring and exhibiting during the event and you can attend 20 workshops, and pretty sure there will be something to pick to your liking. Topics vary from learning Dutch, preparing for a job interview in the Netherlands, buying a house, starting a business, finances, taxes and starting your business, to Dutch culture and finding a good school for your children.

I have registered for five of these workshops (one was already fully booked), so I will get more acquainted about housing, find a good school, boost your company, simplify your life in The Netherlands and Dutch culture. As a Dutch citizen, I probably will know a lot of what will be said %-) but I’m curious to find out what expats like yourself are struggling with.

Being well prepared and knowing where you can find resources as an expat can be a great help when moving to this country, any country for that matter. It’s a good thing you will be able to check into these resources in a beautiful location and maybe more importantly, meet other expats, network and have a fun day in The Hague!

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